Spotify Case Study | Becoming the main source of music streaming

From the relatively primitive gramophones that we used just over 100 years ago, the music industry has changed, grown and evolved to the worldwide cloud-based streaming system that we now use today. However, with it, the way the music industry can do business has also undergone the same evolution, bringing about active competition (, 2014). In this case study, Group 12 focuses on one of the leading streaming platforms: Spotify. Spotify is constantly innovating to create a music streaming platform that subscribers prefer for their main source of music content. With so many competitors in the market, success means being the platform with the most subscribers, and therefore Spotify has had to evolve into a user-centric platform to create popularity, which in turn will act as loyalty.

This Spotify Case Study will cover the evolution of Spotify, the Attention Economy, and the Network Economy.

(venturebeat, 2012)

(venturebeat, 2012)

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